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CFO Services

Robust CFO Solutions Designed for Small Businesses

Small businesses need the services of a highly trained, seasoned CFO who can guide the business owner through questions, challenges, and opportunities. CALAS Group has developed a series of packages designed to meet the needs — and budgets — of every small business:

Outsourced CFO Financial Reporting

Includes comprehensive monthly financial reports packaged and prepared, complete with an annotated review of report findings, issues, and priorities. 

  • $250 per month

Outsourced CFO Working Sessions

Provides for a monthly or quarterly CFO working session with a senior CPA at CALAS Group to address critical strategic, operational, or planning questions. 

  • $300 per session

Outsourced CFO Tax Planning

Includes quarterly tax projections and a written review memo with recommendations and proposed strategies for effective and proactive tax planning.

  • $400 per quarter

Outsourced CFO Industry Benchmarking

Provides a complete industry benchmarking and comparative analysis report to assess the company’s current and forecasted financial position and key metrics vis-a-vis marketplace fundamentals and metrics.

  • $1,000 per benchmarking report

Outsourced CFO Optional Services (Pricing Varies)

  • Bank financing preparation and meeting assistance
  • Review, assessment, and enhancement of accounting software and chart of accounts
  • On-call analysis of major business decisions and future investment options
  • Access to BradyRenner partner experts in business owner financial planning and growth/exit strategy

Outsourced CFO Example Package Configuration

The following is an example of an annual Outsourced CFO service package configuration for a small business looking to obtain the benefits of CFO-level support for financial reports, tax planning and business strategy throughout the year:

  • Monthly financial reports package – $250/month
  • Quarterly tax projections package – $400/quarter
  • Quarterly CFO-level working sessions – $300/quarter

Total: $5,800 (Average of $483 per month)

  • With optional industry benchmarking and comparative analysis:

Total: $6,800 (Average of $567 per month)

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